Creative Elephants offers a variety of literacy interventions. Below are our most popular services and some of the specific programs we utilize.

Group Sessions*

Utilizing our programming though groups is an effective way to receive the support your learner needs, while bringing down the cost of services. Groups are guaranteed to remain small, and lessons are still tailored to trouble spots for individuals within the group. My favorite thing about group instruction, is that students get to be around others who have similar struggles, and experience a strong sense of camaraderie that they may have never felt before. It is truly something special.

*Group sessions are available when possible.

Individual Sessions: in person, or online

One-to-One, private tutoring is a great way to see accelerated progress, as you set the frequency, and pace of instruction. Private lessons are created for the specific needs of the individual, and can focus on reading, spelling, writing, handwriting, or a mix of all.


The screenings that we provide at Creative Elephants are not meant to provide an official diagnosis, but rather to give information on current skills. With detailed information, an accurate understanding of current skills can be gathered, and an appropriate intervention plan can be created. A screening is done before any tutoring begins, however, a screening may be conducted even if there is no plan to tutor. The assessments that we use to screen are the Word Identification and Spelling Test (WIST) and Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding (WADE).